Vulva and Penis Sculptures

Have you seen my Vulvas and Penises?

I am creating Polymer Clay Vulva and Penis Sculptures, for use in public health education and to assist in discussions about Female Genital Mutilation-FGM and Male Circumcision.

The vulva sculptures come in a set of 5.  The set includes an artistic representation of a typical vulva, FGM type I, FGM type II, FGM type III-a and FGM III-b.

For a more detailed description of the types of FGM please read the link below:

The penis sculptures come in two set options. The set with 2 penises includes an artistic representation of a typical penis and a circumcized penis. The set with 3 penises includes an artistic representation of a typical penis, a circumcized penis and an erect penis.

I am currently making the sculptures in a combination of brown and beige models, with possibilities to make them in other colors.

Feel free to contact me to order a set of 5 vulva sculptures or a set of 2-3 penis sculptures.

Costs of 5 vulva sculptures 1200 kr*/120 Euro

Cost of 2 penis sculptures 1000 kr*/100 Euro

Cost of 3 penis sculptures 1400 kr*/140 Euro

*(including shipping within Sweden)

I accept payment in Skr, Euro or USD. Payment options are invoice, bank transfer, Swish or credit card.

Please contact me if you would like to use images of the sculptures in any type of media. I request that you use my name, Leah Brickhouse as the creator of the sculptures.

(Just nu jobbar jag med svenska hemsida)